ND Coatings takes care of the corrosion protection for its customers as well as the cleaning and preparation of the surfaces, which are then to be coated.

Corrosion protection and the coating of steel surfaces is a demanding task that requires man and material. This requires a great deal of effort and therefore a high degree of coordination at the interfaces. And this is exactly where ND Coatings comes in. The company strives to work out solutions with all those involved so that quality can be continuously improved under economic conditions. After all, no passenger wants to see rust spots during their journey that were caused by fire or mechanical damage during construction.

But that alone is not enough. The use of new technologies and environmentally friendly coating systems is also necessary. For example, the first tests are currently being carried out to coat the interior areas with water-based coating materials with a very low solvent content. For small parts, a powder coating plant is in use. The advantages: no solvents, high quality and short preservation times.