Blasting, straightening and primer plant

In order to be able to blast, prime and straighten sheet metal and profiles in a high-quality, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and timely manner, ND Coatings commissioned a new blasting, straightening and priming plant in July 2014.

This enables ND Coatings to not only blast and prime, but also straighten the sheets and profiles for its customers.With the blasting, straightening and priming plant, all three process steps take place in fully automated operation.

With the plant, which is approx. 178 metres long and 28 metres wide, ND Coatings can finish the sheet metal at a maximum speed of 5 metres per minute.

Various innovative and environmentally friendly solutions have been implemented in the production line, such as the use of water-based shop primers. In addition, the plant is characterised by particularly energy-efficient plant technology.