The MEYER Group stands for honesty and fairness!

Our company requires that every employee maintains high ethical standards in all business activities. Similarly, we expect this of all of our business partners.

The MEYER Group has established a whistleblowing system to maintain and promote its high standards of professional and ethical conduct. Our obligations and expectations are documented in the MEYER Group's Internal Code of Conduct for Employees, our Social Charta and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers . These rules form the basis for our daily actions.

If you have any concerns about the behavior of any MEYER Group company, its employees or business partners, please do not hesitate to contact us. Below you will find information on how to report possible incidents of non-compliance to us.

Whistleblowing system

The MEYER Group values transparency and openness; this is the basis for trust. We have set up the whistleblower system as a tool to report incidents that violate our internal rules and regulations or applicable law.

The whistleblower system is available at all times. Reports received are processed by the Compliance Team, which acts independently, is not bound by instructions and is sworn to secrecy.

Ways to report your concerns:

In writing by email to:

Reporting via the MEYER Group whistleblowing system